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HexanCoin is a smart crypto-trading platform where users will be able to invest their money and generate profits over time.


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Token Specification






Ethereum ERC20

Maximum Supply

220 Million

Circulating Supply

132 Million

Consensus Mechanisms


(Proof of Stake)

total token supply
220 million

total token for sale
110 million

total token for bounty
17 million

Our Exchange matching engine capable to handle '1.8' million transaction/sec. Which help the trader to trade more efficiently.

eStack Algorithm

eStack is the Price prediction algorithm which is used to predict the upcomming price of the various popular cryptocurrency.

Token Sale Info

Date & Time (UTC)
 Price (USD)

10/01/19 - 15/02/19



20/02/19 - 10/05/19


Time (UTC) 
 Price (USD)
 10/01/19 - 15/02/19
 20/02/19 - 10/05/19


Hexancoin Roadmap Hexancoin Roadmap


Co-Founder And Full Stack Developer

Shekhar Kahar

Co-founder And machine learning engineer

Preety Kumari

Co-founder And System Administrator

Anupam Chakrawarti

Technical Support

Asmita chakraborty

Technical Support

Aditi jana

UX/UI Developer

Abhishek Singh

Backend Developer AND Technical Advisor

Atul Bariyar

Legal Advisor

Mohini Kumari


Shubho Banerjee

Marketing Advisor

Rahul Kahar


Is there a limit on the number of HexanCoin that I can purchase?

Yes, the number of tokens you are allowed to purchase is limited. The quantity of each purchase will change depending on the ICO round. We will also publish an announcement shortly before the ICO starts, in order to prepare you with all the details. You are allowed to participate in multiple rounds.

How much will be the HexanCoin cost right after the ICO?

The price of the coins is determined by the supply and demand created for this specific market. The price is determined by the owners of the coins and, depending on the demand for the Coin, the price will either raise more and draw back a little. Looking at our competition and by evaluating the existing market demand.

But we ensure that the price of the coin never goes below the Ico price because our 'Hexan Exchange Algorithm' never allow the user to bid below the Ico rate.

When this coin reaches external exchanges ?

After the Pre-Ico Finished we will immediately apply for the External Exchange. After the Ico Finished we will expect that our coin is get listed in external exchange.

will we able to transfer from the web wallet.

Yes, you will be able to transfer your coin to external exchanges as well as on the mobile/desktop wallets.

What can I do when I need your help?

We are always available and accessible to support you at anytime you need us. You can contact us through our official social media channels, our contact form or on our email: .

Due to the high interest in our platform and the large amount of member registrations, we cannot ensure we can reply to your messages very fast. Usually, it takes an average to reply to a support ticket. By letting you know, we can prepare you for possible delays on answering your questions.

Do you offer referral bonus?

We have carefully analyzed every possible referral system scenario.

We concluded that the only sustainable system is to offer a 1 level deep system: Level 1 - 10%.

Even if you cannot manage to buy HexanCoins during the ICO, if your referred members manage to make a purchase you will automatically get a bonus based on their purchase added to your HexanCoin amount. There are also extra bonuses when reaching specific numeric milestones of referrals. Please check the Whitepaper for those.


HexanCoin Airdrop


2 Million HXC for first 40,000 participants.


Join HexanCoinCommunity on Telegram.

Each participant must follow to our Twitter handler.

Each participant must like to our Facebook handler.

Submit your details to the airdrop form.

You will receive 50 HXC to your given Ethereum wallet address.

YouTube Participation Campaign:

Top 50 video based on views and uniqueness of content will be rewarded Upto $1000 worth of HXC.

Views will be taken into account till ICO lasts.


The video on YouTube should be atleast 2 minutes long.

You must have atleast 1000 subscribers.

There should be a link to our website and Whitepaper in the description of your video.

You must submit your channel's name, video link and your ethereum wallet address in our website to participate.